Sunday, February 25, 2007

liiiiife drawing. i hate drawing the faces straight on with a long pose. i know it's impossible to expect someone to hold an expression for any length of time, but still. boring sleepy faces no fun.

edit: forgot. for daddy, you can click on the images to make them bigger. they look better full -size.

more life drawing. i hate clothed life drawing. and i super hate ouside life drawing. it was cold. and i got really lazy after i did his head. stupid trees.


just a sketch from life drawing. her hair was pretty.

i bought this pretty leather-bound book with textured, natural- looking paper in it, and decided to make it into a sort of fake travel journal thing, to log all my ideas and stuff for one of the alien races in my ultimate super sci-fi cartoon/story/book thing. this is just one page, there's more. i don't remember what the aliens are called, 'cause i started this a few months ago and forgot how to read it. yes, i made up a language for them. forgot it, of course. and lost my notes. :( but anyway, it's supposed to be written by one of my characters who's a scholar/explorer type dealy. /dorky

fish people! they fell off the counter and died. sad. that's not blood, btw, it's water.

project i'm working on. gonna make this little guy a reality! his head will light up, and the bread will be made of fabric and stuffed, like little plush bread things.


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